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Hollick Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Chertsey

Historical Forms

  • Haleuuik 889 BCS563 13th
  • Halewic 1204 ChR
  • Halewik t.Hy3 For 1303 WAM
  • Halewyk 1331 ib
  • Halewykesynnome 1474 Onslow
  • Hallywike, Holewik t.Ed6 Rental
  • Hollwicke land 1605 LRMB
  • Hollick 1816 O.S.


Hollick Fm is Haleuuik 889 (13th) BCS 563, Halewic 1204 ChR, Halewik t. Hy 3For , 1303WAM , Halewyk 1331 ib., Halewykesynnome 1474Onslow , Hallywike , Holewik t. Ed 6Rental , Hollwicke land 1605LRMB , Hollick 1816 O.S. Hollick lies in a great bend of the Wey, on land which reminds one by its shape of a Northumbrian healh or haugh . It may be therefore that the first element is OE  hēale , 'at the healh,' but that etymology is only possible if we believe the place was already known as (æt þǣm ) heale , when the wic was established on it. Cf. Halebourne infra 116. Such a suggestion is somewhat speculative, and the whole history of the name alike in its early form and later developments is confused. For ynnome cf. infra 362. Hollick is now demolished to make way for the Brooklands motor-track.