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Early-attested site in the Parish of Chertsey

Historical Forms

  • Shrimpilmers, Shrympulmersh t.Hy3 Chertsey
  • Shympelnersh (sic) 1317 ChertseyB
  • Shrimpelersh 1331 FF
  • Schyrmpelhersh (sic) 1332 SR
  • Sympulmershe t.Hy8 MinAcct
  • Shrympulmarshe 1535 VE
  • Simpylmers Grove 1536 LP
  • Simple Marsh 1728 Cox
  • Simplemus 1765 R 1785 Cary


Simplemarsh is Shrimpilmers , Shrympulmersh t. Hy 3 Chertsey, Shympelnersh (sic)1317ChertseyB , Shrimpelersh 1331 FF (p), Schyrmpelhersh (sic)1332 SR (p), Sympulmershe t. Hy 8MinAcct , Shrympulmarshe 1535 VE, Simpylmers Grove 1536 LP, Simple Marsh 1728 Cox, Simplemus 1765 R, 1785 Cary. The second element in this name is mersc , 'marsh,' with occasional confusion with ersc . The first is probably a compound of ME  schrimpe and pul , 'pool.' There is a ME  schrimpe , 'a diminutive person,' deriving probably from a lost adj. denoting something small. For the affinities of this adj., see Torps. vv . skramp , skreppa vb. 1, and Franck s. v. schrompelen . In that case the name means 'marsh by the small pool.'