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Early-attested site in the Parish of Chertsey

Historical Forms

  • otershaghe 889 BCS563 13th
  • Otershawe 1227 Chertsey
  • Ottereshagh, Ottereshawe t.Hy3 For
  • Oterschaghe t.Ed3 For


Ottershaw is otershaghe 889 (13th) BCS 563, Otershawe 1227 Chertsey, Ottereshagh , Ottereshawe t. Hy 3For , Otreshaghe 1301, Otershagh 1337 Pat, Oterschaghe t. Ed 3For . The last form suggests that the second element is sceaga, not haga . The meaning will then be 'otter shaw.' Ottershaw is nearly a mile from the Bourne stream, but the wood might have been named from an otter having once been seen there.