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Steven's Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Chertsey

Historical Forms

  • Steventon end, Stevington bridge 1624 Rental
  • Stinton End 1680 Seller
  • Stimton End 1749 B
  • Steventon Bridge 1823 Br


Steven's Bridge (6″) must be a late corruption of the place- name which appears in old records as Styvynton t. Ric. 1, Styventon t. Hy 3, 1313, Stevynton 1315, Stivinton 1369, Stiventon 1412 Chertsey, Steventon end , Stevington bridge 1624Rental , Stinton End 1680 Seller, Stimton End 1749 B, Steventon Bridge 1823 Br. This must be 'Stȳfa 's farm,' v. ingtun , the name being identical in origin with Stevington (PN BedsHu 46).