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The Alm'ners

Early-attested site in the Parish of Chertsey

Historical Forms

  • le Aumeneresmede c.1250 Chertsey
  • Aumeneresbernes 1432 ib
  • Ampnersbarn(e)s 1535 VE 1719 Aubrey
  • Amnesbarnes 1548 LRMB
  • Almers Barn 1684 Musters
  • Ambrose Fm 1765 R 1785 Cary
  • Ham Barns Fm 1823 Br


The Alm'ners is le Aumeneresmede c. 1250 Chertsey, Aumeneresbernes 1432 ib., Ampnersbarn (e )s 1535 VE, 1719 Aubrey, Amnesbarnes 1548LRMB , Almers Barn 1684 Musters, Ambrose Fm 1765 R, 1785 Cary, Ham Barns Fm 1823 Br. 'The almoner's meadow,' v. mæd . This meadow-land was probably so called because it formed part of the endowment of the almoner of Chertsey Abbey. Cf. Anmers Fm in Burghfield (Berks) which takes its name from the almoner of Reading Abbey.