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Runny Mede

Early-attested site in the Parish of Egham

Historical Forms

  • in prato quod vocatur Runingmeđ inter Windleshoram et Stanes 1215 MagnaCarta
  • Runimede 1215 Ch 1318 Pat 1215
  • Runemede 1215 Pat
  • Ronemede 1342 ChertseyReg 1467 Chertsey
  • Ronymed(e) 1314 Chertsey
  • Ronimede 1333 ib
  • Ronnemed' 1316 Turner
  • Ronneymede 1514 Ct
  • Ronney me(a)de 1548,1605 LRMB
  • Runnynge meade ib.


There can be little doubt that the full original form of this name was Runingmed , the other forms representing natural reductions of it. If that is so, we are doubtless right in accepting the etymology suggested by the Rev. J. B. Johnston (Times Lit. Supplt , 27. xii. '17), viz. that it is a compound of ME  runinge , 'taking counsel' and mæd . The name suggests that the mead had been the scene of earlier unrecorded assemblies, from which it had already earned this significant description.