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Englefield Green

Early-attested site in the Parish of Egham

Historical Forms

  • Hingefelda 967 BCS1195 13th
  • Ingefeld 1291,1295 FF 1317,1434 Chertsey
  • Inggefeld 1312 ChertseyB 1317 FF
  • Yngfelde 1576 Ct
  • Ingfeeld 1642 Rental
  • Ingfeild 1648,1688 FF
  • Ingelfeld 1282 Ipm 1625 Ct
  • Inglefeld 1586 Turner 1609 LRMB
  • Engelfeud t.Ed1 ADiii
  • Englefield 1644 Ct
  • Enfield, Enfield Green 1695 Morden 1728 Cox
  • Englefield or Enville Green c.1800 MandB


Probably 'Inga 's open space,' v. feld . Inga is on record as a late OE name, and we also have on record OE  names Ingibrand , Ingweald and Inguburh . If we take the name to be Inga , the second l is due to the influence of the l of feld . If the l is original, we must postulate a lost diminutive *Ingela with later loss of l . This does not seem so likely.