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Luddington Ho

Early-attested site in the Parish of Egham

Historical Forms

  • Leddington 1789 LandC
  • Luddington 1823 G
  • Sudinton 1213,1232 FF
  • Suthinton 1241 Ass 1266 FF
  • Sudyngton 1279 Ass
  • Sodinton 1315 Chertsey
  • Sodyn(g)ton 1333 FF 1332 SR 1439 Chertsey
  • Sodington al. Seynton 1548 LRMB


Luddington Ho is Leddington 1789 L and C, Luddington 1823 G. Turner thinks it possible that the initial l may be a mistake, due to faulty transcription at some period, and that the name may represent the place called in old records Sudinton 1213, 1232 FF, Suthinton 1241Ass , 1266 FF (p), Sudyngton 1279Ass (p), Sodinton 1315 Chertsey, Sodyn (g )ton 1333 FF (p), 1332 SR (p), 1439Chertsey , Sodington al. Seynton 1548LRMB .If this is so, the name means 'south farm,' being identical in origin with Sindon and Sodington (PN Wo 60, 82). It may be noted that Luddington lies due south of Egham village.