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Early-attested site in the Parish of Egham

Historical Forms

  • huþe 675 BCS 13th
  • Huthe t.Hy3 Chertsey
  • le Huth 1369 Seldxl
  • la Huthe 1436 ADiii
  • Hithe greene 1605 LRMB


Hythe is huþe 675 (13th) BCS 34, Huthe t. Hy 3 Chertsey, le Huth 1369 Seld xl, la Huthe 1436 AD iii, Hyde 1509, Hythe 1574Ct , Hithe greene 1605LRMB . 'Landing-place,' v. hyð .“A little Haven, call'd Hythe , where the Western Barges load and unload” (Aubrey iii, 167). In the bounds of Egham (BCS 34), the next 'hithe' down stream was called Wealas huþe , Wheles huþe (BCS 34), wealeshuþe (BCS 563). The first element of this name is probably a pers. name Wealh rather than OE  wealh , 'serf, Briton.' Close at hand was Wealagate (v. supra 106 n.).