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Leatherlake Ho

Early-attested site in the Parish of Egham

Historical Forms

  • Lodderelake 675 BCS 13th
  • Lodereslak' 1225 ClR
  • Loderlak' 1434 Chertsey
  • Loderlakelane 1548 LRMB
  • Loddereslake 1294 Ass
  • Loderlakeshacche 1327 Pat
  • Lodderlak t.Ed3 For
  • Ludreslake 1235 Ass
  • Luderlakelond 1317 FF 1434 Chertsey
  • Letherlakes bridge 1605 LRMB
  • Lotherlake 1642 Rental
  • Leather Lake 1765 R


'Stream of the beggars,' v. lacu , probably a name of contempt, the first element being the OE  loddere , 'beggar.' Cf. Lotherton (PN D 262) and Loderswel in London, c. 1200 Loddereswell (Stow's Survey ed. Kingsford ii, 272). Leatherlake Ho is identical with the present Runny Mede Ho, and the name referred to the tiny streamlet here, forming the boundary between Berks and Surrey.