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Prune Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Egham

Historical Forms

  • Pruelleshulle c.1280 Turner
  • Prewell(e) 1316,1333 Chertsey
  • Prewelles Hulle 1434 Chertsey
  • Pruwell hill 1609 LRMB
  • Pruenhill 1710 Ct
  • Prune-well-Hill 1719 Aubrey
  • Priun Hill 1765 R 1777 AandD
  • Prune Hill 1823 Br


Prune Hill (6″) is Pruelleshulle c. 1280 Turner, Prewell (e )1316, 1333Chertsey (p), Prewelles Hulle 1434 Chertsey, Pruwell hill 1609LRMB , Pruenhill 1710Ct , Prune-well -Hill 1719 Aubrey, Priun Hill 1765 R, 1777 A and D, Prune Hill 1823 Br. In the Chertsey Cartulary we have mention of persons named Prewelle from 1316 onwards living in this neighbourhood, and it may well be that from a place called Prewelle arose a family-name Prewell or Pruell which in turn gave rise to the place-name 'Pruell's hill.' Alternatively the whole name may be a place- name, which should have the form Pruell-hill , i.e. 'hill by the pre-well or meadow spring.' Cf. s. n. Pray Heath infra 158.