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Early-attested site in the Parish of Gillingham

Historical Forms

  • Thorn grave 1275 Roscoe
  • Thorngraue, Thorngrave 1292 GillCt 1313 Cl
  • Thorngroue, Thorngrove 1301 GillCt 1313 Cl
  • Thornegraue 1415 GillCt
  • Thornegrove 1609 LRMB
  • the Queues ferme of Gyllyngham Eliz For
  • Queene Farme als. Thorne Grove, Thorn(i)e grove furlonge 1609 LRMB
  • Thorngrove, or Queen's 1795 Boswell
  • (Under) Thorngrove 1839 TA
  • Thorngrove or the Queen's Manor 1869 Hutch3


Thorngrove (ST 794257), Thorn grave 1275 Roscoe, Thorngraue , Thorngrave 1292GillCt , 1313 Cl, Thorngroue , Thorngrove 1301GillCt , 1313 Cl, Thornegraue 1415GillCt , Thornegrove 1609LRMB , the Queues ferme of Gyllyngham ElizFor , Queene Farme als. Thorne Grove , Thorn (i )e grove furlonge 1609LRMB , Thorngrove , or Queen 's 1795 Boswell, (Under ) Thorngrove 1839TA , Thorngrove or the Queen 's Manor 1869 Hutch3, 'thorn-tree copse', from þorn and grāf(a), with furlang , cf. Robert Atthe thorne 1295, Maud Atte Thorne 1317GillCt , v. atte 'at the'. In 1774, according to Hutch1 2 229, Thorngrove was 'still called Queen's Farm, where was supposed to have been anciently a house for her reception', cf. the Quenes Commons ElizFor , the f.n. Lains Mead infra , Forest Fm and Park Fm supra , Queen Oak in Bourton par. supra .

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