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Gutch Pool Fm, Gutch Pool Hole

Early-attested site in the Parish of Gillingham

Historical Forms

  • the water called Gowge Pole, of old called Horeappledore 1568 Hutch3
  • Gutch Poole House 1650 ParlSurv
  • Gouge-pool 1811 OS
  • la Hore Apeldure Hy3 Cerne 14
  • la Horeapeldere 1247 For 1270
  • Horeappledore, Horeapeldes (sic) 1300 Hutch3
  • Hor Appildor' 1338–40 Glast


Gutch Pool Fm (ST 839285), Gutch Pool Hole, the water called Gowge Pole , of old called Horeappledore 1568 Hutch3, Gutch Poole House 1650ParlSurv , Gouge-pool 1811 OS. The 1568 form is from the bounds of the forest of Gillingham, earlier names for this point being la Hore Apeldure Hy3 (14) Cerne, la Horeapeldere 1247 (1270) For , Horeappledore , Horeapeldes (sic)1300 Hutch3, Hor Appildor '1338–40 Glast, 'the grey (boundary) apple-tree', v. hār 2 , apuldor . Gutch Pool Hole is in R. Lodden where it crosses the county bdy to form the par. bdy between Gillingham and Motcombe; the farm is by R. Lodden ⅓ mile SW. The unexplained Gutch Pool Ho W 192 (Gowge Pole 1567) and Gutch Common ib 210 (Gutches 1635, Goch 1773) are no doubt identical in origin. They may contain eModE  gouge 'chisel or spade with concave blade', 'to hollow or scoop out', with some such sense as 'pool formed by digging or scooping out'. But if the names are old, the first el. is perhaps a derivative in -ic of OE  *gotu, *gote 'water-course, channel, stream', cf. gyte 'pouring forth, flood', some spellings perhaps having been influenced by eModE  gouge .

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