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Bowridge Hill (Fm)

Early-attested site in the Parish of Gillingham

Historical Forms

  • Poghrigge 1292 GillCt
  • Poghrygge 1438 ib
  • Pogherygge 1306 ib
  • Pogherigge 1333 For
  • Pougherig' 1411 GillCt
  • Porridge Hill, Mannors als. Boridge 1609 LRMB
  • Porredge Hill 1650 ParlSurv
  • Boughridge Hill 1811 OS
  • Bowridge Hill Md 1839 TA
  • Powgh'rygge brygge, Pokeryge brygge 1501 GillCt
  • Porridge Bay [Bridge] 1791 Boswell


Bowridge Hill (Fm) (ST 814275), Poghrigge 1292GillCt , Poghrygge 1438ib , Pogherygge 1306ib (p), Pogherigge 1333For (p), Pougherig '1411GillCt , Porridge Hill , Mannors als. Boridge 1609LRMB , Porredge Hill 1650ParlSurv , Boughridge Hill 1811 OS, Bowridge Hill Md 1839TA , probably 'ridge shaped like a pouch or bag', v. pohha , hrycg , and the f.n. Manors infra , cf. Poughley Brk 290 and the references there to other p.ns. which may contain the el. pohha . This place gave name to Powgh 'rygge brygge , Pokeryge brygge 1501GillCt , Porridge Bay [Bridge]1791 Boswell, v. Bay Bridge supra ; the same bridge is apparently earlier called Pough 'fordebrig '1415GillCt , from the same first el. with ford .

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