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Poise Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Stockport

Historical Forms

  • Poice Bridge, Poice Bridge Pingot 1849 TA
  • le Puysclogh' c.1350 JRL
  • The Poyce 1579 ib
  • The Poices 1849 TA


Poise Bridge (101–933874), Poice Bridge , Poice Bridge Pingot 1849TA , v. brycg , pingot , cf. Poise Brook 33supra , Poise Ho, Wellington Mill, 257supra . The earliest references for this series of names appear as f.ns. in Torkington township, le Puysclogh 'c.1350 JRL, The Poyce 1579 ib, The Poices 1849TA , referring to the little valley running north through the hamlet, 101–933869 to 933874. The later names appear to be taken from the stream-name. This is a back-formation from the first el. of Puysclogh ' which must have been seen as a r.n. with clōh 'a dell' added. Puysclogh ' is 'pease valley', a place where pease grew, from peosu , the back-mutated form of pisu , 'pease', represented by ME  puys with the AN  -ui - orthography.

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