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Marple Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Stockport

Historical Forms

  • Marple Wood 1842 OS


Marple Wood, Marple Wood 1842 OS, with Torkington Brook & Torkington Wood 36supra , 300 infra , the location of Hi (n )derleklow (lit. Hi (n )derleklop ) e13 (1608) ChRR, Hinderleklow (th ) (lit. Hinderleklop (p )) e13 (1611) LRMB 200, Hunderleyclogh e13 (18) Earw, Henderleghesclogh 1348ChFor , Hynderleghclogh c.1350 JRL, '(valley at) the hind's glade', from ON  hind, (gen.sg. hindar ) and lēah , with clōh .

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