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Shillinglee Park

Early-attested site in the Parish of Kirdford

Historical Forms

  • S(h)ullingelegh 1279 Ass
  • Shullyngelegh 1349 Pat
  • Shullynglegh 1350 Cl 1437 IpmR
  • Shyllynglegh 1436 IpmR
  • Shellingley 1570 SRS19,82


This place stands high, with the ground shelving away from it on all sides, so perhaps the original form was scylfinga-leage , 'clearing of the dwellers on the shelf of land,' v. scylf , ing , leah .For the early loss of f , cf. the common development of the p.n. Shelley from scylf-leage . A possible further example of such a first element is Shillingham in Saltash (Co), Schullingham 1306 Ipm.