English Place-name Society

Survey of English Place-Names

A county-by-county guide to the linguistic origins of England’s place-names – a project of the English Place-Name Society, founded 1923.


Volume edited by : Allen Mawer, F. M. Stenton, with J. E. B. Gover 1929-30


Bede calls the invaders of Sussex Australes Saxones and, when they are first mentioned, Meridiani Saxones . The form in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is Suðse (a )xe . Originally applied to the people, it came in course of time to be used as the name of their territory. It is difficult to be certain when the change was completed. The use of the term Suðseaxnaland in 897 (A) shows that at that date people were still conscious of the old meaning of the term. For the origin and scope of this name, v. Introd. passim .