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Shiplake Hundred

Hundred in the County of Sussex

Historical Forms

  • Schepelawe 1180,1188 P
  • Shippelake 1248 Ass
  • Schiplak' 1279 QW
  • Shepelake 1262 Ass 1359 Ipm
  • Sepenlake 1292 MinAcct
  • Sheplake 1359 Add
  • Edivestone in DB
  • Ediueherst in 1130 (P)
  • Ediueherst in 1169 (P)


This is from OE  scēapa -lacu , 'sheep-pool,' v. sceap , lacu .Cf. Sepelac in Thorney (C), 1314 Ch. The Pipe Roll form shows confusion with the suffix hlaw so common in hundred-names.Nothing is known as to the site of the meeting-place. The hundred is called Edivestone in DB, Ediueherst in 1130 (P).Both contain the OE  fem. pers. name Eadgifu , DB having a superfluous genitival s , v. tun , hyrst . The site of Ediueherst is unknown but it occurs in the pers. name Henry de Ediueherst in 1169 (P).