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Burbeach Hundred

Hundred in the County of Sussex

Historical Forms

  • Burbeca 1086 DB
  • Burbeche 1255 FF
  • Burchebeche, Burgbeche 1279 Ass
  • Burgh(e)beche 1296 SR 1316 FA 1332 SR
  • Borghbeche 1361 IpmR
  • Bulebech 1161 P
  • Borebrigge 1248 Ass
  • Bourbech 1262 Ass
  • Burghberge 1369 IpmR


Nothing is known as to the site of the meeting-place of the hundred and the meaning of its name is obscure. The first element is burh and the second is presumably bec , the plural of boc . If so, the name may mean 'beeches by some ancient burh or earthwork.' bece , 'valley' is also possible, v. Seabeach supra 68.

Parishes in this Hundred