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Flexborough Hundred

Hundred in the County of Sussex

Historical Forms

  • Flexeberg(e) 1086 DB 1188 P
  • Flexbrow 1565 DuLa
  • Fexeberge 1195 P
  • Faxeberg(h) 1248 1285 CplM 1296 SR
  • Faxeberewe 1272 RH
  • Faxberwe, Faxberge 1272 RH
  • Faxberewe 1275 SAC6,143
  • Flaxbergh(e) 1316 FA 1332 SR
  • Flaxebergh 1327 SR


The meeting-place of the hundred is unknown so the site does not help us in the interpretation. It is equally irregular for Flax - to become Fax - or for Fax - to become Flax -, so since fleax is not likely to grow on a hill or barrow we are probably right in taking the original element to be OE  feax , used in one of the senses noted under Vox End supra 337. Hence, 'hill with tufts of grass' or the like. The rare fax was probably re- placed by the more common flax , regardless of the meaning of the compound.

Parishes in this Hundred