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Goldspur Hundred

Hundred in the County of Sussex

Historical Forms

  • Colespore 1086 DB 1248 Ass
  • Colspore 1279 Ass 1316 FA
  • Colspure 1279 Ass 1334 Ipm
  • Culespore 1180 P
  • Kulespor 1262 Ass
  • Culspore 1290 Pat
  • Coulspor 1265 Misc
  • Gulespore 1230 P
  • Gulspor(e) 1279 Ass 1291 Pat


The site of the hundred meeting-place is unknown. The second element in the name would seem to be OE  spor , 'track, footprint,' but no interpretation of the name as a whole can be offered. There is a Goldspur Wood in Mountfield which seems to contain the same name.

Parishes in this Hundred