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Major Settlement in the Parish of Ripley

Historical Forms

  • Ripeleie, Ripeleia, Ripelay, Ripelai, Ripele 1086 DB 1165 P 1243 Fees 1301 YI 1492 YkCR 1501 Ipm
  • Rippelei(a), Ryppelei(a), Ryppel', Ryppelay, Ryppeley 12–13 Font 1164–80 Ch 1349 YCh504,521–3 1175–1203 Fount 1198 Ripl l.12 Vyner c.1200 YDi e.13 FF 1202 Abbr 1214 Ipm 1501
  • Ripple, Rypple, Rypplay 1279–81 QW 1349 Ch 1352 FF 1363 ADi
  • Ripley, Rypley, Ryplay 1277 Baild 1347 YDx 1414 Pat 1597 FF
  • Replay 1522 Star


It is formally possible for this, like such p.ns. as Ripley Sr 146, to be a compound of OE  ripp 'edge, slope', ripel 'strip', or the OE  pers.n. Rippa , and lēah , but its proximity to Ripon (164infra ) 7 miles to the north makes it probable that Ripley is 'the forest-glade or clearing of the folk called the Hrype 'v. Hrype , lēah , cf. Introd. The persistent -pp - is to be explained as an analogical spelling to indicate a short vowel -i - in the compound.