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Major Settlement in the Parish of Gisburn

Historical Forms

  • Pathorme, Pathorp 1086 DB
  • Paththorn l.12 Puds
  • Pathorn(e) 1196 P l.12 Sawl5 1208 Cur 1226 Ebor 1229–34 YChvii 1257 Sawl26d 1590 WillY
  • Paythorne 1558,1621 FF 1641 Rates
  • Paiethorne 1571 PRGis 1630 PRGis


Despite the single Paththorn spelling, the later forms show that the first el. is (cf. Phonol. § 11) and cannot be derived from OE  pæð 'path' as Moorman proposed. It could be the ON  byname Pái 'the Peacock' (Ritter 146) or an ON  'peacock' (as in -fugl ) used with þorn to describe a thornbush shaped like a peacock; the former seems more probable, as þorn is very often combined with pers.ns.The names of Paa (a farm) and Paa Hill (infra ) may have to be taken into account, though they are possibly adaptations from the township name.

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