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Hesbert Hall

Early-attested site in the Parish of Gisburn

Historical Forms

  • Esbrichag' c.1150 Sawl2d
  • Esebrictehe c.1155 ib
  • Esbrithehag' c.1160 ib
  • Hesebrithehawebroc 1232–40 Kirkst
  • Esbrithahe 1269 Sawl9d
  • Hesberha 1578 WillY
  • Hesberthaw 1637 PRGis
  • Hesbert Hall 1732 ib


Hesbert Hall, Esbrichag 'c. 1150Sawl 2d, Esebrictehe c. 1155 ib 7d, Esbrithehag 'c. 1160 ib 2d, Hesebrithehawebroc 1232–40 Kirkst, Esbrithahe 1269Sawl 9d, Hesberha 1578 WillY, Hesberthaw 1637 PRGis, Hesbert Hall 1732 ib. 'Ēsbriht's enclosure', v. haga (with modern -hall due to an inversion after hall itself had developed a local pronunciation haw ). The pers.n. (which is not recorded) was from OE  Ōsbeorht with Ēs - due to a common substitution of the cognate ODan  Ēs - (cf. Feilitzen 164).

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