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Early-attested site in the Parish of Gisburn

Historical Forms

  • Scelleen 1595 PRGis
  • Skethorne (sic) 1615 ib
  • Skelhorn(e) 1616 1671 J.Webster
  • Metallographia, Skellern 1668,1728 PRGis
  • Skellaran 1681 ib


Skeleron, Scelleen 1595 PRGis, Skethorne (sic)1615 ib, Skelhorn (e )1616 ib, 1671 J. Webster, Metallographia , Skellern 1668, 1728 PRGis, Skellaran 1681 ib, a headland alongside Ings Beck (which is the county boundary). A compound of either OE  scelf (ON  skjalf) 'shelf of land' or ODan  skial 'boundary' with horn 'a projecting headland' would be appropriate.

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Early-attested site

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