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Early-attested site in the Parish of Whittlesey

Historical Forms

  • The Snoots 1712 Fenlandiv
  • Atlessnote, Ormmeressnote 13th Thorney
  • Fensnote, Scharpenhalesnot, Southalesnote 1446 Ct
  • Rotyngsnote 1459 Rental
  • Mednall Snout, Vicars Snout 1603 Survey


Snoots (6″) is The Snoots 1712 Fenland iv, v. snote . In Whittlesey documents we have reference to numerous snotes including Atlessnote , Ormmeressnote 13thThorney , Fensnote , Scharpenhalesnot , Southalesnote 1446Ct , Rotyngsnote 1459Rental , Mednall Snout , Vicars Snout 1603Survey , presumably all of them points of dry land on the edge of the fens or of Whittlesey Mere. In Thorney we have reference also to Barsnoht and Redisnoht . This would seem to be the same word with a curious intrusive h . Cf. infra 344, 371.