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Early-attested site in the Parish of Whittlesey

Historical Forms

  • Estereie c.1020 LibEl
  • Estrey(e) 1285 1459 Rental
  • Estre 1525 Ely
  • Eastrea 1561 BM
  • Est tree 1604 Dugd
  • Eastrea Field 1668 Fenlandi


Eastrea is Estereie c. 1020 LibEl, Estrey (e )1285Ct et freq to 1459Rental , Estre 1525 Ely, Eastrea 1561 BM, Est tree 1604Dugd . Eastrea Field (6″) is Eastrea Field 1668 Fenland i. 'The more easterly part of the island (of Whittlesey),' OE  ēasterra and ēg . Cf. Estover supra 256.