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Early-attested site in the Parish of Whittlesey

Historical Forms

  • (le) Northe(e) 1280–1334 Thorney 1398 1457 Rental
  • Northey 1550 Pat
  • Northea 1636 BedL


Northey is (le ) Northe (e )1280–1334Thorney , 1398Ct , 1457Rental , Northey 1550 Pat, Northea 1636 BedL. Northey is by Cat's Water.The early forms point to ēa rather than ēg as the second element, Cat's Water al. Must may well have been called 'north river' here as distinct from the Southmust , v. supra 8. In its lower course it was known as Old Ea and South Ea. v. Old South Eau supra 10.