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Early-attested site in the Parish of Chiddingfold

Historical Forms

  • la Rodgate c.1310 AddCh
  • atte Rodgate 1313 1332 SR 1358 Ass
  • atte Rudgate 1390 Ass


Rodgate is la Rodgate c. 1310AddCh and appears as a personal name in the forms atte Rodgate (1313 FF, Ass , 1332 SR, 1358Ass ), atte Rudgate (1390Ass ). The first element is possibly OE  rod, 'cleared land,' referring to a clearing in the Weald here, but the occurrence of that element in southern England is very doubtful, and it may be that we have OE  *rīed , *rȳd , v. infra 364, Cf. also Shiprods (PN Sx 218–19).