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Hazel Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Chiddingfold

Historical Forms

  • Heyshullebrugge 1340 Loseley
  • Heselbrugge 1384 ib
  • Heshulle 1263 Ass
  • Hesull c.1310 AddCh
  • Heyshulle 1304 Ass
  • Heysulle t.Hy3,1348 FF


Hazel Bridge (6″) is Heyshullebrugge 1340Loseley , Heselbrugge 1384 ib., and was the home of Peter de Heshulle (1263Ass ), Peter de Hesull (c. 1310AddCh ), Richard de Heyshulle (1304Ass ) and Peter de Heysulle (t. Hy 3, 1348 FF). This is probably a compound of OE  hese, 'brushwood,' and hyll, though the forms with ey offer difficulties. It should be noted, however, that, already in 1229, Hayes (Mx), which is certainly from OE  hese, appears as Heyse (1229 Bracton). Hayes (K) shows the same development, with early form Hese (1391 BM), but no form in ey has been noted before 1575 (BM). So similarly Hayes Wood in Pembury (KPN 177) may be referred to in Hese (BCS 418).