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Gatehampton Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Goring

Historical Forms

  • Gadintone 1086 DB
  • Gadintona 1087 EHRxl 15th
  • Gadintuna c.1110 EHRxl 15th
  • Gathanton' 1176 P
  • Gathamtona c.1181 Gor 1278–9 RH
  • Gathamptona 1219 Fees
  • Gathampton a.1251 BC c.1444 FA 1316,46,1428
  • Gethamptone 1220 Fees 1300 Ipm
  • Gethamton c.1270,c.1290 Gor
  • Gethamtone 1308 Gor


Cf. Gattyngton Hill t. Hy 8Valor .

Most forms suggest a compound of gāt , 'goat,' and hāmtūn , 'village,' but gāt is uncertain in view of the numerous forms in Get -. The two documents printed in EHR xl contain several very poor place-name forms, perhaps miscopied by the 15th-century scribe.