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Great Chalk Wood, Little Chalk Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Goring

Historical Forms

  • Chelcoram, grave…de Chelcora c.1195 Gor
  • Chalcora c.1240 Gor 1308 Gor
  • Chalcovere, Chelkor' c.1260 Gor
  • Chalcehore c.1270 Gor
  • Chalkoreslond, Chalkoreslond' 1351 Gor


Great Chalk Wood, Little Chalk Wood (6″) take name from Chelcoram , gravede Chelcora c. 1195 Gor, Chalcora c. 1240 Goret freq with variant spellings Chal (c )kore , Chalker ', Chalkhore , Chalcore to 1308 Gor (p), Chalcovere , Chelkor 'c. 1260 Gor, Chalcehore c. 1270 Gor, Chalkoreslond , Chalkoreslond '1351 Gor. 'Chalk bank or slope,' v. c(e)alc. There is some confusion of ōra with ōfer in the second element.