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Elvendon Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Goring

Historical Forms

  • Ulvendon', Vluindone c.1240 Gor
  • Elveden', Elvedune c.1260 Gor 1356 Gor
  • Elvenden' c.1285,1294 Gor
  • Elvendene 1287 Gor
  • Elfintone 1285 Ass
  • Helfendene c.1290–1300 Gor
  • Elve(n)deneslond 1316 Gor
  • Yelvendone t.Hy8 Valor
  • Ilvington Farm early18th ParColl
  • Ilvingden Farm 1797 Davis
  • Elvesdenegrof (bis), Elvedensgrof 1316 Gor


Elvendon Fm takes name from Ulvendon ', Vluindone c. 1240 Gor, Elveden ', Elvedune c. 1260 Goret freq with variant spellings Elvedene , Elvedon to 1356 Gor, Elvenden 'c. 1285, 1294 Gor, Elvendene 1287 Gor, Elfintone 1285Ass , Helfendene c. 1290–1300 Gor (p), Elve(n)deneslond 1316 Gor, Yelvendone t. Hy 8Valor , Ilvington Farm early 18th ParColl, Ilvingden Farm 1797 Davis.

Old Elvendon Wood (6″) isElvesdenegrof (bis), Elvedensgrof 1316 Gor. 'Fairy hill,' v. dūn. Firstelement OE  (i)elfen. The wood has grāf(a) added. v. Introduction xx.