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Goring Heath

Early-attested site in the Parish of Goring

Historical Forms

  • Hathe 1274 Gor
  • Hethe c.1307,14 Gor
  • la Hethe 1300 Ipm
  • Bruere 1335 Gor
  • Hethe de Gorynges 1337,41 Gor
  • Hethelond 1341 Gor
  • Goryng hethe t.Hy8 Valor


Goring Heath is Hathe 1274 Gor, Hethe c. 1307, 14 Gor, la Hethe 1300 Ipm, Bruere 1335 Gor, Hethe de Gorynges 1337, 41 Gor (p), Hethelond 1341 Gor, Goryng hethe t. Hy 8Valor . OE  hǣþ, 'uncultivated land.' The 1335 form represents OFr  bruiere or Latin brueria with the same meaning.