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Major Settlement in the Parish of Goring

Historical Forms

  • Garinges 1086 DB 1366 Eynsh
  • Garinga c.1110 EHRxl 15th
  • Garing' c.1181 Gor 1316 FA
  • Garyng a.1251 BC c.1444
  • Garing 1278–9 RH
  • Garingieres c.1150 Harl
  • Garrigg, Ganges 1230 P
  • Gorginge c.1240 Gor
  • Koringe 1241 Ass
  • Goringe 1278–9 RH
  • Goryngg' 1293 Gor
  • Goryngge(s) 1316 Eynsh
  • Gorynge 1389 Cl
  • Goryng 1405 AD


'The people of *Gāra .' The same name occurs in Sussex (PN Sx 168–9). Formally it could mean 'dwellers at the gāra, or triangular piece of land,' but the topography of the Oxfordshire site gives no support to this. v. Introduction xviii.

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