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Lawday Ditch

Early-attested site in the Parish of Gloucester

Historical Forms

  • the Lauday Diche 1497 GlR


Lawday Ditch, 1779 Rudder 206, the Lauday Diche 1497 GlR. The first el. is ME  laghedaye 'law-day', which was the day appointed for the regular meetings of the sheriff's court or the court-leet (cf. NED s.v. law-day ). The ditch was on the north side of Barton St., and like the King's ditch (143 infra ) it may have marked the limit of the jurisdiction of the court-leet of King's Barton manor (cf. Rudder 206–7). Cf. also Lawditch in Bristol (iii, 95infra ).