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Early-attested site in the Parish of Gloucester

Historical Forms

  • Ticed(e)well(e), Tyced(e)well(e) c.1200 Godstow c.1230 GlR 1455 Cole
  • Tycedvelle c.1250 GlR
  • Tiscideswell 1263–84 Glouc
  • Tysidewelle c.1270 GlChiii,1
  • Tullewelle(broke) 1370 Glouc 1455 Cole
  • Tulwell 1535 GlSt
  • Tolewell 1455 Cole


The only reason for connecting the older name with the later one is the MS correction in Cole 112. The origin of Ticede and Tulle - is not clear; we might suppose that the latter is connected with ME  tillen , tullen , meaning 'entice, allure', but there are formal difficulties.It is described as 'a litull well byyande Seynt Thomas Chapel without the Blynd Yate (Blind Gate )' (GlSt) and it might have had medicinal or other attractive properties.