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Early-attested site in the Parish of Gloucester

Historical Forms

  • Truddeworþe, Truddew(o)rth(e) c.1250 GlChii,3 1263–84 Glouc c.1270 GlChiii,1 1557 Val92
  • Trudworth(e) 1542 MinAcct 1630 Inq
  • Tredeworth 1323 MinAcct 1542 LP
  • Tredworth(e) 1324,1327 MinAcct 1598 Dep
  • Tridworth(e), Trydworth(e) 1535 VE 1546 LP 1616 Dep


'Trydda's enclosure', v. worð . The OE  pers.n. Trydda is not recorded, but it would be a normal form of the metathesised Tyrdda , which is also found in Tredington (Wo 172); the form Trydda occurs in OE Tryddingleage 863 BCS 508 (W).