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Flaybrick Hill, Upper Flaybrick Rd

Early-attested site in the Parish of Bidston

Historical Forms

  • the Flabrick Heays 1645 Sheaf
  • Flay-brick, Further Flaybrick & Lower Flaybrick, Flaybrick Hill Common 1824 Lawton
  • Flaybrick Hill 1831 Bry 1842 OS


Flaybrick Hill (lost), Upper Flaybrick Rd (100–295895), the Flabrick Heays 1645 Sheaf, Flay-brick , Further Flaybrick & Lower Flaybrick , Flaybrick Hill Common 1824Lawton , Flaybrick Hill 1831 Bry, 1842 OS, from brekka 'a hill, a slope' and either flaga 'a slab of stone, a flagstone', or, perhaps more likely, flag 'a turf, a sod', with (ge)hæg, hyll , commun . The dialect forms flay , flee appear also in the f.ns. Fleas , Fly 's 322, 320infra .