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Bidston Moss

Early-attested site in the Parish of Bidston

Historical Forms

  • mossa de Bideston 13 Chest
  • Bedestoncarre 1303 MinAcct
  • le Car de Boduston, le Car de Bethestan, le Car de Bedestan, Buddestonkar(k), mosseta de Budestan 1347 ChFor, MinAcct (Barnes1)
  • vastum de Budestan scilicet Budeston' keer, le Car de Budeston, mossetum extendens versus Kyrkeby, le mor 1357 ChFor
  • Bidstone Mosse 1521 Sheaf
  • Mosset, Le Mosse 1522 ib
  • Bidston Moss 1838 TA
  • Bidston Moss or Salt Marshes 1831 Bry


Bidston Moss (100–2891), mossa de Bideston 13 Chest, Bedestoncarre 1303MinAcct (Barnes1), le Car de Boduston , le Car de Bethestan , le Car de Bedestan , Buddestonkar (k ), mosseta de Budestan 1347ChFor , MinAcct (Barnes1), vastum de Budestan scilicet Budeston ' keer , le Car de Budeston , mossetum extendens versus Kyrkeby , le mor 1357ChFor , Bidstone Mosse 1521 Sheaf, Mosset , Le Mosse 1522 ib, Bidston Moss 1838TA , Bidston Moss or Salt Marshes 1831 Bry, cf. Leyhall infra , and Moss Hay 1838TA , Moss Hey 1665Map (W.F.I.), v. mos , mōr 1 , kjarr . On the forms Buddestonkar (k ), Bedestoncarre , etc., cf. Bidston supra , Bidston Hill infra .