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Early-attested site in the Parish of Beetham

Historical Forms

  • Lat'berbrigg 1280 FF 1354 ChancM


Latterbarrow, 1770 Bthm, Lat 'berbrigg 1280FF , 1354ChancM .For a similar p.n. in La 194, Ekwall has suggested ON  látr 'lair of an animal', cognate with Norw  dial. letre 'shelter for animals, esp. pigs', a sense which seems to be found in Swynlatermire (ii, 60 infra ); cf. also Latterhowe, Latterbarrow (i, 133, 180 infra ) and the Norw  p.n. Laatren (NG xv, 237, NGIndl 64). v. beorg 'hill'.

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Early-attested site