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Leighton Beck

Early-attested site in the Parish of Beetham

Historical Forms

  • Leighton bekke 1524,1534 MinAcct
  • Leighton Beck 1620,1647 Bthm 1651 Ct 1823 M
  • Leighton 1537 Kendii,235 1663 Bthm
  • Leyghton 1537 Kendi,74
  • Beth(e)leghton 1246,1449 Kendii,127
  • Byleghton 1446,1472 ib


Leighton Beck, Leighton bekke 1524, 1534MinAcct , Leighton Beck 1620, 1647 Bthm, 1651Ct 258et freq to 1823 M. v. bekkr 'stream'. The first el. is the local surn. Leygton 1383Pedw 78d, Leighton 1537 Kend ii, 235, 1663 Bthm, Leyghton 1537 Kend i, 74, which is from Leighton (La 189), 2 miles to the south (v. lēac-tūn 'vegetable garden').Beth (e )leghton 1246, 1449 Kend ii, 127, Byleghton 1446, 1472 ib 227, 230, where the first el. Beth (e )- is that of Beetham, may in fact describe land on the north side of the stream; Ekwall (La 189) thought that the old manor of Leighton might have extended across Leighton Beck into Beetham parish.

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