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Early-attested site in the Parish of Beetham

Historical Forms

  • Uluey(pol) 1280 FF 1354 ChancM
  • Ullvay, Ulluay 1420 Kendii,256,422 1612 Bthm
  • Ulva (pool) 1566 FF 1732 Kendiii,263 1777 M
  • Ulvah Poole 1750 Kendiii,264
  • Ulpha 1662 RateK
  • Ulvey als. Owvey als. Ovey 1584 FF
  • Ouvey 1609 Kendi,245–6
  • Oupha 1669 ib
  • Uve 1740 ib


v. ulfr 'wolf'; Ekwall suggests that the second el. is OE  hege 'hedge, fence, enclosure', and that the name denoted a place for trapping wolves; the first el. may originally have been OE  wulf .

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Early-attested site