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Early-attested site in the Parish of Beetham

Historical Forms

  • Quasheved 1254 Ipm
  • Quassyd 1517 Kendii,231
  • Quassed 1519 ib
  • Quasset 1521 ib
  • Whassheed 1360 Kendii,223
  • Whassed 1446,1472 1610 Bthm
  • Whasset(t) 1524 MinAcct 1600 FF 1823 M
  • Wasset(e) 1534 MinAcct 1759 PR(Cr)
  • Wassit nyh Betham 1537 Kendi,74


Probably 'sharp, pointed headland' from OE  hwæs or ON  hvass 'sharp, pointed, narrow' and hēafod; it stands near the end of a low, narrow ridge. But the first el. could be an OE  pers.n. *Hwassa , Hwæssa suggested for Whashton (YN 292).

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Early-attested site