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The Castle, Castle Bank, Castle Ditch, Castle Ings

Early-attested site in the Parish of Knaresborough

Historical Forms

  • the Castle of Knaresbrough(e), the Castell of Knaresbrough(e) 1561 YAJxxxiii,187 1592 ib
  • Knaresboroo castell 1567 Visit
  • the Castle 1650 ParlSurv
  • the Castle Ditch 1650 ib
  • Castellynges (prati subtus castrum) 1462 MinAcct
  • Castelynge 1546 ib
  • Castelinges 1650 ParlSurv


The Castle, Castle Bank, Castle Ditch, Castle Ings, the Castle of Knaresbrough (e ), the Castell of Knaresbrough (e )1561 YAJ xxxiii, 187, 1592 ib 186, Knaresboroo castell 1567 Visit, the Castle (lately demolished) 1650ParlSurv , the Castle Ditch 1650 ib, Castellynges (prati subtus castrum )1462MinAcct , Castelynge 1546 ib, Castelinges 1650ParlSurv , cf. also Castlepark 1301 YI, the Castle garth , the Castle steade 1650ParlSurv . v. castel , the castle founded by Serlo de Burgh after the Conquest as the centre of the Forest and Honour.

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