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Riffa Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Knaresborough

Historical Forms

  • Riffalberg(h), Ryffalberg(h) 1388,1409,1429,1439 MinAcct
  • Ryffalbargh 1469 ib
  • Ryffalberch 1508 ib
  • Riffaldeberch 1518 ib


Riffa Wood, Riffalberg (h ), Ryffalberg (h )1388, 1409, 1429, 1439MinAcct , Ryffalbargh 1469 ib, Ryffalberch 1508 ib, Riffaldeberch 1518 ib. The first el. is uncertain but it could be an OE plant-name rife which is found only in the compound hege-rife 'goose-grass' (cf. NED s.v. hairif ); v. (ge)fall 'place where trees have been felled', beorg 'hill'.

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