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Early-attested site in the Parish of Knaresborough

Historical Forms

  • Sotesac, Sosacra, Sosacre 1086 DB
  • Sothsaker 1269 FF
  • Socchatre (sic for Socchacre) 1279–81 QW
  • Southacr(e)' 1283 YI 1518 MinAcct
  • Southacres 1817 M
  • Susacr' 1388 MinAcct
  • Susacres 1547 NCWills
  • Sussacres 1522 Star 1529 Testv 1595 FF
  • Susciakers 1596 FF


The variety of spellings is probably to be explained by an original medial -ds -, -ðs - or -ts - which could be rendered in various ways in ME (cf. EPN ii, 92 s.v. -s2 ); the first el. might therefore be the ON  byname Sauðr or Soddr , or possibly Sótr , a strong form of the byname Sóti (which is found in ME  as Sote , cf. Feilitzen 368); the latter would best account for the vowel variation. In any case the common word south has influenced some of the spellings (cf. Phonol. § 30). Sót's acre of land', v. æcer .

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Early-attested site

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