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Early-attested site in the Parish of Malmesbury

Historical Forms

  • Melburne 1249 Ass
  • Muleburne 1270 For
  • Mulburne juxta Malmsbury 1314 Inqaqd
  • Milburn juxta Malmesbury 1316 Orig
  • Muleborne 1332 SR
  • Nuthermulburne 1394 Ass
  • Mylburn 1483 FF


Milbourne is Melburne 1249Ass , Muleburne 1270For , Mulburne juxta Malmsbury 1314 Inq aqd, Milburn juxta Malmesbury 1316 Orig, Muleborne 1332SR , Nuthermulburne 1394Ass , Mylburn 1483FF . 'Mill stream,' v. burna . This must originally have been the name of the small stream which rises near Quobwell Fm and joins the Avon below Charlton. Just south of the junction of the two streams there is still a mill. Nuther is OE  neoðern , 'nether, lower,' v. Introd. xx.