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Tidover, Tetherfield

Early-attested site in the Parish of Kirkby Overblow

Historical Forms

  • Todoure 1086 DB
  • Tidour(e), Tydour(e) 1211 Abbr 1219 FF 1286 Feod
  • Tydovre 1243 Fees
  • Tydoverker 1259 YI
  • Tydouer l.13 Sawl136
  • Tetherfield 1653,1678 Crompton 1839 TA
  • On tiddanufri c.715 Eddi


Tidover (lost), Tetherfield, Todoure 1086 DB, Tidour (e ), Tydour (e )1211 Abbr, 1219 FF, 1286Feod 10, Tydovre 1243 Fees, Tydoverker 1259 YI, Tydouer l. 13Sawl 136, Tetherfield 1653, 1678Crompton , 1839TA .'Tīda's bank', from the OE  pers.n. Tīda and ofer2 , ufer 'slope, bank, ridge'. This p.n. is identical in form with the OE On tiddanufri (c. 715 Eddi 18) which has not so far been identified. In DB Todoure is associated with Kirkby Overblow and Walton Head (infra ). The late form Tetherfield is a likely phonetic development of Tidovre . The location of Tetherfield is fixed by the TA map at 1″ O.S. 96–335491.

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